Hosting Plan One

Combined web, email and domain name hosting in one plan.

For more information, read on below: Web, Email, Domain Names and Support.

Hosting Plan One provides all the essentials for an Internet presence. Clients requiring more can purchase additional blocks to expand their online capabilities.

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Web Site

Your virtual presence online, a web site allows people to find you on the Internet at any time, day or night. The web site included with Hosting Plan One provides enough storage space and traffic to serve a large, popular web site.

Security is available using industry standards to prevent unauthorised reading of content.


Email works just like a post office box. Send and receive email with 10 individual mailboxes, with plenty of additional addresses for each. Email forwarding lets you redirect email to alternative mailboxes.

Access your mailboxes using industry standard protocols, with support for secure access to prevent unauthorised eavesdropping.

Out of the home or office? Access your email from anywhere in the world using web-based email.

Domain Name

Domain names are the street addresses of the Internet. Hosting Plan One includes registration to save on extra fees, management and hosting for one domain.

Register a new domain in any of the popular top-level spaces (.com and more) or host any domain registered elsewhere.

Privacy management can protect your registration information and prevent unsolicited contact and advertising.


For technical help and assistance, first-class support is available via email and the web.